Specialized Launchpad
and Incubator for DeFi


With DeFi continuously on the rise, we are seeing constant new development and innovation attempts across the space. However, with all the existing launchpads already out there, not many of them tailor to specifically, decentralized finance, and anonymous teams.

DeFiDrop helps to streamline that process for new and existing teams looking to make an impact in the DeFi scene, whilst providing exclusive, and secure opportunities for its community.


DROPS staking/LP staking programs
Token buybacks/Token burns - Periodic token buybacks and burns using IDO/incubator fees
DROPS holders and stakers tiered model for private and public sale allocations
DROPS stakers governance for IDOs
Cross-chain IDOs and fees
Cross-chain token listings/Atomic swap
DROPS token will have a max supply of 100M. Token distribution model can be seen below.
6.15% 6.15M DROPS - DROPS listing
liquidity on BSC (0.000325 BNB)
26.35% 26.35M DROPS -
Cross-chain listings liquidity
(time-locked until listings occur)
10% 10M DROPS - LP Staking
Incentive Program
10% 10M DROPS - Development
5% 5M DROPS - Partners and
5% 5M DROPS - Marketing and
5% 5M DROPS - Affiliate Program
5% 5M DROPS - Exposure Airdrops
7.5M DROPS Private sale 0.0002 BNB
1.125M unlocked on release
20M DROPS Public sale 0.000275 BNB
3M unlocked on release
Schedule for private and public sales
  1. 4 month period
  2. 15% unlocked on release
  3. 25% unlocked after the first month
  4. followed by 20% unlocks over 3 months
Initial circulating marketcap = $675,000
Supported by industry experienced Partners and Advisors.
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced
To be announced
Why DeFi?
We want to ensure a fair and trustless launch for everyone, we will be focused on the community and entirely community funded. Having witnessed many unfair and unsecured launches, we want our users security to be prioritised..
Are the launchpad/incubator projects considered endorsed by the DeFiDrop team?
Any third party based partners, integrations or launchpad projects are not to be considered endorsements. We advise our community to always perform their own research and due diligence before making any investment.
How will a cross chain token work?
We will emit tokens on different chains. Users can swap them on AMMs or through the use of our own atomic swaps multi-chain contracts.
How will a cross chain launchpad work?
We will have DApps with the same business logic across different chains, adapted for them.
How does vesting work?
As opposed to the standard use of token distribution apps, we have created a decentralized, open sourced claim contract. Easy to navigate via a simple user interface.